How to return the favor of the liver after the holiday

Liver - exemplary workaholic! Why Are? She is willing to work long hours, seven days a week and no holidays. Why such zeal? It is the liver has to plow wear to defuse the enhanced portion of harmful substances into the body came straight out of the festive table. From this article you will learn about what diet is useful to your liver and how to keep her health for years to come.


Copious libations and gluttony - the constant companions of the endless series of celebrations. But your desire to be off at all do not share your liver. For her meal - another punching fight. And often it happens that the 12th gong glasses green snakes enjoy your "fatigue" and does lightning strike his fist mayonnaise right under the ribs, crushing you to the ground. Salad in a window! How to get out of the knockdown?
Find encouraging words and promised his full body unpaired revitalizing vacation! How should it be? Now we'll tell you.Sit on a diet
Cleansing diet involves the rejection of canned food, fast food, smoked, salted, fatty meat, baking and sweets. So what can be?
I'd like to restore process has become a little lesson for the future, which will remind you of the importance of self-restraint when the first approaches to the banquet table. Therefore offer you enough "petty" diet. :)
What could be worse pumpkin puree soup? Nothing! Therefore, at first we dish color children's surprises. The chemical composition of pumpkin commands respect even among hardened medicinal plants: a group of vitamins, enzymes, fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, pectin, carotene and other nutrients.The benefits of pumpkin to the liver
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But the main feature of a pumpkin is that it promotes bile secretion. This means that all neutralized toxic substances will be withdrawn from the body. Garnish with a culinary masterpiece can be the addition of parsley or dill.
We know from childhood that rabbits like carrots for its ability to improve vision. Lop-Ear important to distinguish from afar four-legged wolf from a drunken hunter on all fours. But recently brought increasingly read that scientists have questioned praised the importance of carrots to our eyes. But they do not dispute the healing properties of vegetables for the liver. Therefore, the second we carrot salad with vegetable oil, tomatoes and cabbage. Last, among other things, promotes the excretion of cholesterol.
And to wash down our dinner we red juice! I hasten to disappoint you: this is not a trivial tomato or pomegranate drink, and the most that neither is bizarre - "Buryakova", ie beet! Beetroot is rich in betaine, iron and zinc, which are equivalent to the liver powerful shield.
Speaking of zinc. Metal helps the liver to cope with alcohol poisoning. So you should lean on a milkshake with foam or tincture of the root and chamomile. First replace your beer, and the second - brandy.
Of course, eat the same for weeks too tedious. But here there is a way out: beet goes on a soup, pumpkin recover salad and carrots processed into juice. And so on to infinity!
Joke, do not overdo it cost, but remember one general rule:Liver loves bright fruits and vegetables with red, orange and yellow flesh.
It may seem that all of the "bed" is equally useful. However, it is not. About the dangers of some products on the Internet There are differing opinions, so mention them just in case. Try to avoid peas, beans, peppers, radishes, turnips, radishes, garlic, spinach and sour grapes. Or prove their safety in the comments to this article.
Separately want to talk about milk thistle. Medicines based on the plant shown in the treatment of liver diseases, alcohol her lesions, drugs, toxins, and radiation.Milk thistle is useful for the liver
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Pharmacies can be found in milk thistle powder that naturally fit into any salad or become the basis for brewing tea.Pay attention
Harmful substances ingested not only with food. For example, often have to inhale the stuff in your lungs. Therefore it is necessary to shake your way of life and provide a number of changes in it.
The first step is to limit the stay smoke-filled rooms. Second, spend time outdoors. For example, get out of the public transport in a couple of stops to the intended target and pass them on foot. Thus, you give your body to breathe and slightly increased physical activity.
Exercise. This will help prevent obesity and liver diseases associated with it. For example, exercise can keep you from buying non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) - one of the most common diseases Hepatology.
Analyze the drugs that are going to take. A lot of drugs for lowering cholesterol and painkillers can be toxic to the liver. Must take into account the fact that the simultaneous use of several drugs in their combination may give negative effect. Of course, you can not combine the reception of medicines with alcohol or drug use.
Avoid breathing vapor cleaners, aerosols, chemicals, insecticides (drugs to kill insects).Conclusion
I'm sure many of you know that:

The liver is one of the few organs capable of restoring its original size even when you save only 25% of normal tissue.

But we should not equate himself with lizard discarded tail with confidence in emergency regeneration. Unhealthy liver will be a long time to recover. And, of course, sick liver will certainly affect other organs and your morale.
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