Eating habits that can change each of us

Just a few steps to help you improve your health and move to a proper diet. And this is the power of each
Talk about healthy eating, natural products, natural antioxidants and other beneficial - on everyone's lips. But is it possible to adhere to the canons of modern rhythm of a healthy diet? For many of us it seems unreal. However, there are things you can change in your life today, making yourself healthier.
Drink more water
Have you ever wondered how much water drink a day? No tea, coffee, juice or lemonade, namely water? Well, if not less than 1-1.5 liters per day. In fact, check out this very simple - a few days (a week) records the story of drunk liquid. At the time, I just noted on a sheet of paper each glass of water that drank during the day and at night counts the total number. This simple way to help assess the actual number of drunk water and, if necessary, to increase the number, making plans for the day. I have my first figures were terrible (less than a liter a day), but a few weeks the situation has improved, but for her, and health, and skin condition.
Regulate fluid intake can and with the help of special programs, for example, Water Your Body, which will not only determine the amount of water, but also to remind during the day that you need "a drink." Download the application here:
Lean on fruit and vegetables
Especially now, when the season "freshness" is just beginning. Do the same trick as with water, and analyze how often and how much you eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. They - a source of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. About 7 years ago I was absolutely indifferent to these products and does not take them with food, skipping entire seasons or radish raspberries. Now I can not imagine my life without at least one salad a day and a few snacks fruit.

When planning your menu, be sure to include any vegetable salads, casseroles or cell. Sometimes replace garnish salads or, conversely, eat garnish with lettuce instead of meat.
Connect colleagues and members of the household to the "mass" consumption of fruits and vegetables. I remember that in one of his last works, I started a tradition of excellent meals with fresh salads throughout the spring, summer and autumn.
Eat regularly
Another weakness forever busy people - the absence of any diet and too long breaks between meals. Often we do not have time for breakfast, or because of the large load at work, skipping lunch. As a result of this tight dinner at home or interrupt appetite biscuits, sweets, etc.
How do I start to eat regularly:

Accustom yourself to breakfast. If you can not get up early to cook breakfast in the evening or buy a cottage on the first meal. The main rule - do not leave home hungry, under any pretext.
Take food with them. It is better to eat your lunch in 10 minutes between appointments than going hungry due to the fact that did not have time to go to a cafe or shop. And his dinner - always much cooler catering.
Remember the importance of nutrition. And to find those 10 minutes for lunch or a snack during the day. Or to put reminders on your smartphone or computer, not to forget to eat (habit you need to make).
Pay attention to the value of food
Not only the number of calories, but also proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins. So you discreetly adjust your diet, preferring the more useful products (eg, yogurt as a snack rather than a chocolate bar or a bun same caloric content). It is important to learn to relate to food and nutrition in general, consciously thinking about that and what you eat. What to do:

Read food labels, paying attention to their nutritional value.
Use online calculators. For example, Dia Life, MyFitnessPal or Blog diets that keep records of how calorie foods and their nutritional value.
Give preference to natural
If you decide to have a meal with apple yogurt, it is always better to buy these two products separately than ready yogurt flavored apple. The same applies to other prepared foods and ready meals, which can be done easily by yourself without preservatives, huge amounts of sugar, salt and stabilizers. Here you only need to:

Buy organic foods.
Simple meals.
Do not eat at night
More precisely, make dinner easy conclusion of their daily diet by eating a salad, soup or something dairy. If you practice a normal breakfast and lunch, this habit develop into itself, and plates of fried potatoes with meat at 8pm miraculously turn into a healthy snack before bedtime.What does all this give

Improvement of health and productivity. The body will thank you for a healthy and balanced diet to improve their work.
Decrease / weight regulation. Only by changing the basic eating habits you without starvation diets and lose weight and introduce your weight back to normal.
Improved skin and digestive system. Regular balanced diet, more natural foods and fiber will return your skin fresh and healthy and lead a normal functioning of the digestive tract.
You will be more to cook at home. And that's fine.
Increased immunity and fewer colds. Vitamins, minerals and no junk food will do the job.
Here I have listed only those basic eating habits, which, in my opinion, simpler and easier to change each of us, and not to use jaded excuses about lack of time, effort or skill. After trying it once, you will not want to return to the former way of life. I got it, and then turn and you.
Add to the list and share your experiences in the comments.
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