How to Get Linking In Alexa

How to Get Linking In Alexa

hai agan2 semua...
kai ini ane mw share cara mendapatkan link in dari alexa.

Caranya sangatlah mudah nih, teknoners hanya tinggal copy link yang berada di bawah ini dengan syarat harus menghapus link pada peringkat dari daftar dibawah ini, lalu pindahkan yang berada pada no 2menjadi no 1, nomor menjadi no 2, no menjadi nomor 3, dst. Kemudian masukan link blog anda sendiri pada urutan paling bawah (nomor 10), Seperti berikut :
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Jika teknoners mampu mengajak 5 orang saja untuk meng-copy artikel ini maka jumlah backlink yang akan didapat adalah:
Posisi 10, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 1 
Posisi 9, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 5 
Posisi 8, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 25 
Posisi 7, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 125 
Posisi 6, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 625 
Posisi 5, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 3,125 
Posisi 4, jumlah backlink yang di dapat =15,625 
Posisi 3, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 78,125 
Posisi 2, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 390,625 
Posisi 1, jumlah backlink yang di dapat = 1,953,125 
       gimana nih gan??? tertarik kah untuk mendapatkan backlink yang banyak sekaligus berkualitas?? let's try it

      source : The Techno News
      Eating habits that can change each of us

      Eating habits that can change each of us

      Just a few steps to help you improve your health and move to a proper diet. And this is the power of each
      Talk about healthy eating, natural products, natural antioxidants and other beneficial - on everyone's lips. But is it possible to adhere to the canons of modern rhythm of a healthy diet? For many of us it seems unreal. However, there are things you can change in your life today, making yourself healthier.
      Drink more water
      Have you ever wondered how much water drink a day? No tea, coffee, juice or lemonade, namely water? Well, if not less than 1-1.5 liters per day. In fact, check out this very simple - a few days (a week) records the story of drunk liquid. At the time, I just noted on a sheet of paper each glass of water that drank during the day and at night counts the total number. This simple way to help assess the actual number of drunk water and, if necessary, to increase the number, making plans for the day. I have my first figures were terrible (less than a liter a day), but a few weeks the situation has improved, but for her, and health, and skin condition.
      Regulate fluid intake can and with the help of special programs, for example, Water Your Body, which will not only determine the amount of water, but also to remind during the day that you need "a drink." Download the application here:
      Lean on fruit and vegetables
      Especially now, when the season "freshness" is just beginning. Do the same trick as with water, and analyze how often and how much you eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. They - a source of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. About 7 years ago I was absolutely indifferent to these products and does not take them with food, skipping entire seasons or radish raspberries. Now I can not imagine my life without at least one salad a day and a few snacks fruit.

      When planning your menu, be sure to include any vegetable salads, casseroles or cell. Sometimes replace garnish salads or, conversely, eat garnish with lettuce instead of meat.
      Connect colleagues and members of the household to the "mass" consumption of fruits and vegetables. I remember that in one of his last works, I started a tradition of excellent meals with fresh salads throughout the spring, summer and autumn.
      Eat regularly
      Another weakness forever busy people - the absence of any diet and too long breaks between meals. Often we do not have time for breakfast, or because of the large load at work, skipping lunch. As a result of this tight dinner at home or interrupt appetite biscuits, sweets, etc.
      How do I start to eat regularly:

      Accustom yourself to breakfast. If you can not get up early to cook breakfast in the evening or buy a cottage on the first meal. The main rule - do not leave home hungry, under any pretext.
      Take food with them. It is better to eat your lunch in 10 minutes between appointments than going hungry due to the fact that did not have time to go to a cafe or shop. And his dinner - always much cooler catering.
      Remember the importance of nutrition. And to find those 10 minutes for lunch or a snack during the day. Or to put reminders on your smartphone or computer, not to forget to eat (habit you need to make).
      Pay attention to the value of food
      Not only the number of calories, but also proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins. So you discreetly adjust your diet, preferring the more useful products (eg, yogurt as a snack rather than a chocolate bar or a bun same caloric content). It is important to learn to relate to food and nutrition in general, consciously thinking about that and what you eat. What to do:

      Read food labels, paying attention to their nutritional value.
      Use online calculators. For example, Dia Life, MyFitnessPal or Blog diets that keep records of how calorie foods and their nutritional value.
      Give preference to natural
      If you decide to have a meal with apple yogurt, it is always better to buy these two products separately than ready yogurt flavored apple. The same applies to other prepared foods and ready meals, which can be done easily by yourself without preservatives, huge amounts of sugar, salt and stabilizers. Here you only need to:

      Buy organic foods.
      Simple meals.
      Do not eat at night
      More precisely, make dinner easy conclusion of their daily diet by eating a salad, soup or something dairy. If you practice a normal breakfast and lunch, this habit develop into itself, and plates of fried potatoes with meat at 8pm miraculously turn into a healthy snack before bedtime.What does all this give

      Improvement of health and productivity. The body will thank you for a healthy and balanced diet to improve their work.
      Decrease / weight regulation. Only by changing the basic eating habits you without starvation diets and lose weight and introduce your weight back to normal.
      Improved skin and digestive system. Regular balanced diet, more natural foods and fiber will return your skin fresh and healthy and lead a normal functioning of the digestive tract.
      You will be more to cook at home. And that's fine.
      Increased immunity and fewer colds. Vitamins, minerals and no junk food will do the job.
      Here I have listed only those basic eating habits, which, in my opinion, simpler and easier to change each of us, and not to use jaded excuses about lack of time, effort or skill. After trying it once, you will not want to return to the former way of life. I got it, and then turn and you.
      Add to the list and share your experiences in the comments.
      How companies are cashing in on our desire to eat healthy foods

      How companies are cashing in on our desire to eat healthy foods

      Not all manufacturers of organic products are willing to take the additional costs are therefore forced to use the same stabilizers and preservatives, as in conventional products.
      Healthy lifestyle has become a universal trend that followed by millions of people. And where millions of sharks out there and businesses wishing to collect from each of these several million dollars. Catching consumer demand for healthy and quality food, they offer us sometimes just a fake, wrapped in a colorful wrapper with inscriptions about the health benefits. In this article, you'll learn about those products, which many consider a healthy food, but they really are not.

      Breakfast Cereals
      A huge number of people eat them in the morning and rest assured that this is correct, balanced diet. However, this is not so. Cereals usually contain a huge amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates that have on our body does not have a positive impact. Therefore it is better to eat for breakfast something closer to its natural, natural mind, for example vegetables.

      Low-fat yogurt
      Numerous advertising presents us with them almost as an elixir of life, which returns the health and youth. But in reality, the product is low-fat yoghurt with a high degree of processing, during which the producers were removed saturated fats, adding at the same time, many other elements, such as sugar, fructose, artificial sweeteners.

      Fruit juices
      Fruit juice typically has a very high content of sugar and has a very low fiber content. And some of them do not have anything to do with the fruit depicted on the label, as entirely composed of water, sugar and flavorings. So it will be much more useful to eat and give your child the moment apple, orange or grape than drink this vodichku tinted with flavorings and colorings.

      Diet Coke
      This drink is being promoted as a healthy alternative to the usual pops. No sugar - no calories - there is no harm. But scientists conducted studies (1, 2, 3) found that long-term use of Diet Coke leads to the opposite effect. Contained in the beverage, artificial sweeteners, conversely, stimulate appetite, so that one resulting from the transition to a more cola fatter and not lose weight.

      Organic food
      The desire of consumers to a healthy diet even spawned a new category of products called "organic food". It is presented to us as a perfectly clean and healthy products, which falls on the table straight from the fields and farms, has no chemical additives and is not processed.
      However, there really is different. It turns out that chemical food additives invented not to poison us, and to ensure greater safety of products and high productivity. It turns out that the rejection of these substances requires a completely different approach to the transport and storage of products, which leads to a significant increase in their cost. And it turns out that not all producers of organic products are willing to take these costs and still have to use the same stabilizers and preservatives, as in conventional products. And if we take into account that a recent study found no conclusive evidence of beneficial effects of organic food on health, the case at all smacks of grandiose scam.

      How to return the favor of the liver after the holiday

      Liver - exemplary workaholic! Why Are? She is willing to work long hours, seven days a week and no holidays. Why such zeal? It is the liver has to plow wear to defuse the enhanced portion of harmful substances into the body came straight out of the festive table. From this article you will learn about what diet is useful to your liver and how to keep her health for years to come.


      Copious libations and gluttony - the constant companions of the endless series of celebrations. But your desire to be off at all do not share your liver. For her meal - another punching fight. And often it happens that the 12th gong glasses green snakes enjoy your "fatigue" and does lightning strike his fist mayonnaise right under the ribs, crushing you to the ground. Salad in a window! How to get out of the knockdown?
      Find encouraging words and promised his full body unpaired revitalizing vacation! How should it be? Now we'll tell you.Sit on a diet
      Cleansing diet involves the rejection of canned food, fast food, smoked, salted, fatty meat, baking and sweets. So what can be?
      I'd like to restore process has become a little lesson for the future, which will remind you of the importance of self-restraint when the first approaches to the banquet table. Therefore offer you enough "petty" diet. :)
      What could be worse pumpkin puree soup? Nothing! Therefore, at first we dish color children's surprises. The chemical composition of pumpkin commands respect even among hardened medicinal plants: a group of vitamins, enzymes, fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, pectin, carotene and other nutrients.The benefits of pumpkin to the liver
      MaraZe /
      But the main feature of a pumpkin is that it promotes bile secretion. This means that all neutralized toxic substances will be withdrawn from the body. Garnish with a culinary masterpiece can be the addition of parsley or dill.
      We know from childhood that rabbits like carrots for its ability to improve vision. Lop-Ear important to distinguish from afar four-legged wolf from a drunken hunter on all fours. But recently brought increasingly read that scientists have questioned praised the importance of carrots to our eyes. But they do not dispute the healing properties of vegetables for the liver. Therefore, the second we carrot salad with vegetable oil, tomatoes and cabbage. Last, among other things, promotes the excretion of cholesterol.
      And to wash down our dinner we red juice! I hasten to disappoint you: this is not a trivial tomato or pomegranate drink, and the most that neither is bizarre - "Buryakova", ie beet! Beetroot is rich in betaine, iron and zinc, which are equivalent to the liver powerful shield.
      Speaking of zinc. Metal helps the liver to cope with alcohol poisoning. So you should lean on a milkshake with foam or tincture of the root and chamomile. First replace your beer, and the second - brandy.
      Of course, eat the same for weeks too tedious. But here there is a way out: beet goes on a soup, pumpkin recover salad and carrots processed into juice. And so on to infinity!
      Joke, do not overdo it cost, but remember one general rule:Liver loves bright fruits and vegetables with red, orange and yellow flesh.
      It may seem that all of the "bed" is equally useful. However, it is not. About the dangers of some products on the Internet There are differing opinions, so mention them just in case. Try to avoid peas, beans, peppers, radishes, turnips, radishes, garlic, spinach and sour grapes. Or prove their safety in the comments to this article.
      Separately want to talk about milk thistle. Medicines based on the plant shown in the treatment of liver diseases, alcohol her lesions, drugs, toxins, and radiation.Milk thistle is useful for the liver
      patjo /
      Pharmacies can be found in milk thistle powder that naturally fit into any salad or become the basis for brewing tea.Pay attention
      Harmful substances ingested not only with food. For example, often have to inhale the stuff in your lungs. Therefore it is necessary to shake your way of life and provide a number of changes in it.
      The first step is to limit the stay smoke-filled rooms. Second, spend time outdoors. For example, get out of the public transport in a couple of stops to the intended target and pass them on foot. Thus, you give your body to breathe and slightly increased physical activity.
      Exercise. This will help prevent obesity and liver diseases associated with it. For example, exercise can keep you from buying non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) - one of the most common diseases Hepatology.
      Analyze the drugs that are going to take. A lot of drugs for lowering cholesterol and painkillers can be toxic to the liver. Must take into account the fact that the simultaneous use of several drugs in their combination may give negative effect. Of course, you can not combine the reception of medicines with alcohol or drug use.
      Avoid breathing vapor cleaners, aerosols, chemicals, insecticides (drugs to kill insects).Conclusion
      I'm sure many of you know that:

      The liver is one of the few organs capable of restoring its original size even when you save only 25% of normal tissue.

      But we should not equate himself with lizard discarded tail with confidence in emergency regeneration. Unhealthy liver will be a long time to recover. And, of course, sick liver will certainly affect other organs and your morale.
      Affordable Products That Are Good For Our Teeth

      Affordable Products That Are Good For Our Teeth

      Which product is considered to be a natural teeth whitener? Why should follow the cheese dessert? Is Ruining teeth sweet raisins? Find out the answers to these questions and keep their teeth healthy.

      To begin with we give general guidelines to help less often look to the dentist for treatment.

      Naturally, the cornerstone - balanced diet containing foods rich in calcium (for example, cheese, herbs or almonds), in conjunction with products rich in phosphorous (e.g., meat, fish or eggs). This combination will keep tooth enamel strong and healthy. Calcium is useful for human bones, including the jaw.

      Unsubscribe from all, it should be sweet, flour, or "sticky": candy, cookies, cakes, chips, bread. These products can be kept for a long time on the teeth, providing fertile ground for the growth of bacteria. Do not forget that many sprays, lozenges and cough drops or sore throat contain sugar - the coveted "Energy" for caries. Strenuous exercise can also have a negative impact. Consider these moments and regularly throughout the day rinse your teeth, it is desirable to fluoridated water.

      Short rumination without sugar after a meal also is good for your teeth: deft movements removed particles of food left between the teeth, as well as increased salivation, which reduces microbial plaque.


      One of the publications of the journal General Dentistry reports that adolescents 12-15 years of age who ate cheddar cheese had a lower level of acidity in the mouth than those who ate yogurt without sugar or drinking milk. And that's how it was.

      After eating guys rinse your mouth with water, then they measured the levels of pH, repeat the procedure with 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Those who ate and drank yoghurt milk was not observed value changes pH. And the guys who ate cheese, on the contrary, it was observed rapid decline. Scientists came to the conclusion that the cheese neutralizes hyperacidity background by slowing the growth of bacteria. The very chewing, accompanied by profuse salivation, contributed to the elimination of the bacteria from the mouth.

      In addition to this cheese contains calcium - a key ingredient of the mineral hydroxyapatite reinforcing teeth and casein - protein complex involved in the stabilization of enamel.
      It is because of useful properties for teeth cheese is recommended to serve as a dessert or after it.


      Researchers from the University of Illinois found that the polyphenols present in green and black tea inhibit the growth of bacteria that are associated with the formation of tooth decay and gum disease.

      Scientists have documented that people rinse mouth with black tea for one minute 10 times a day, there was a smaller number of harmful micro-organisms than humans, rinse your mouth with plain water.
      Other studies have brought out the recommended standard for tea lovers - 3-4 cups a day.

      You should not ignore the fact that tea helps fight bad breath. According to the scientific community, all the same polyphenols neutralize sulfur compounds, exuding a bad smell.

      In fairness mention that tea contains tannins - phenolic compounds with ink properties. And the darker the drink, the more tannins in it. Therefore overreliance tea can degrade lighter shade of your teeth. In connection with this is to prefer green tea because of its smaller dyeing properties, but at the same time good protective function.


      For the sweet taste of raisins often ranked among the products harmful teeth. However, due to its sweetness safer (compared to sugar) fructose, and in addition more and Mother Nature decreed that phytochemicals contained in raisins, kill cariogenic bacteria. According to other sources, dried grapes are useful for the gums, as they contain compounds resisting pathogens.

      Therefore, a moderate amount of raisins can be an excellent basis for desserts and drinks, giving them the necessary sweetness without adding table sugar, and accordingly, and unnecessary risks for the teeth. The main thing - know when to stop! Indeed, obesity, diabetes and several other diseases raisins is not recommended for use.
      And another fact to note: the darker the grapes (raisins), the more nutrients it contains.

      Crunchy vegetables and fruits

      Chewing a carrot, apple or cucumber helps clean the tooth surface mechanically. Vegetables are high in fiber require careful chewing, during which a large amount of saliva, washing teeth naturally. Besides crispy "bed" massages the gums, improving their condition.
      However, it is not necessary to conclude that pickled vegetables, such as cucumbers, are also useful.

      Vinegar - the foundation of any marinade - the real enemy of your teeth. According to a study of British scientists, the daily eating pickles increases the wear of the teeth. But indulge on holidays can still be rare occurrences sour-salty will not have a harmful influence.


      Widespread red berry of interest to us thanks to the unique set contained therein acids: citric, malic, quinic, salicylic, phosphoric, and many others. How Come?
      Blow (h) tion combination acids can destroy agents, coloring tooth enamel, to make your smile more attractive.

      Creating a natural tooth whitener will not be difficult. Enough to stretch strawberries, mix it with baking soda, put on a soft brush, spread the teeth and leave the "pasta" for five minutes. Followed by a rinse your mouth and if necessary, clean the spaces between his teeth caught in their bones. Done! But if we are talking about acid, it is recommended to repeat the procedure no more than once a week.
      Products That Work Best Pairs

      Products That Work Best Pairs

      Note to vegetarians and all who wish to give up animal products: not always the presence of large amounts of nutrients in plant foods means that you will get them to the same extent as that of meat or other "animal" products. Sometimes, in order to become superedoy, they need help mate

      We are accustomed to a certain combination of products that are classic for us. For example, boiled new potatoes with garlic and fresh dill or borscht with sour cream. They come in pairs because it is simply delicious, and also because we are used to it. They make the perfect flavor combination. But there are some products that do not just complement each other in taste and become superpoleznymi exclusively in the presence of his partner.

      Some of these options will be familiar to you, but some might be surprised, but any of the combinations could usefully complement your diet.

      Black beans + bell pepper

      Black beans are a good source of iron. This iron from plant sources is called non-heme and absorbed by the body is not as good as iron that you would get from eating meat. Only about 2 to 20% of "vegetable" fall iron from the digestive tract into the blood compared to 15-35% "animal" iron. Dr. Cynthia Sass said that thanks to the assistance of vitamin C, which is rich with red bell pepper, the amount of digestible "vegetable" iron increased six-fold!

      This combination I use in addition to tomatoes, garlic, corn and green when preparing something like chili.

      Wholegrain + garlic + onion

      As in the case of beans, iron and zinc, contained in the whole grain have a low bioavailability, i.e. they are metabolised (undergo chemical transformation) is faster than the body can reach them. The fact that the whole grain, in addition to the usual nutrients us (same zinc and iron), containing minerals with which they are associated, and this adversely affects their absorption by the body.

      Studies have shown that foods high in sulfur, such as onions and garlic, whole grain helps to give more nutrients. For example, research conducted in 2010 and published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, showed that the addition of onions or garlic in dishes containing whole grains (raw or cooked), increases the availability of iron and zinc to the human body.

      Perhaps that is why dumplings with garlic bread or of dark flour with salt, onion or garlic vprikusku so delicious! Especially with the soup. ;)

      Tomatoes + olive oil

      The couple seemed purposely devised for Italian food! In the olive oil contains vegetable fat, good for the heart. It increases the level of "good" cholesterol and lowers levels of "bad", which is the cause of clogged arteries. And in combination with tomatoes this ability increases even more!

      In the Free Radical Biology and Medicine was conducted 2,000 investigations in which people ate tomato dishes paired with olive and sunflower oil. Researchers have discovered that olive oil increases the antioxidant activity of lycopene in tomatoes while sunflower oil gave no such effect.

      For this couple has a huge number of delicious recipes! Even just tomatoes, baked in olive oil with garlic and milled in tomato soup are almost culinary masterpiece.

      Salmon + kale

      In order to get the most out of calcium, it should be used together with vitamin D. Vitamin D This helps better absorption of calcium from the intestinal tract into the blood and normalizes blood calcium level. One of the options - eat foods rich in calcium, and vitamins and sunbathing. The other - to use products that contain both calcium and vitamin D. Salmon paired with greens or collard greens - just in case!

      Broccoli + tomatoes

      This couple shows excellent anti-cancer properties. In 2007, a study was conducted in which patients have developed cancer in rats different diets, which included either tomatoes or broccoli, or both at a time. After completion of the experiment was checked, which showed some of the diets was most effective. Diet, which contained a 10% and 10% of tomatoes broccoli, caused tumor shrinkage by 52%. Diet, which included only tomatoes, showing a decline of 34%, and only with broccoli diet - by 42%.

      By the way, braised broccoli in olive oil with tomatoes - it's delicious! As adding broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes in a pesto.

      Green tea + black pepper

      A strange combination, but it works! In green tea contains powerful antioxidant, which is also known as EGCG. Better yet, he reveals its anti-cancer properties in tandem with piperine, a chemical substance found in black pepper.

      Where can I use this combination? It turns out that green tea brewed with the addition of black pepper, garlic and ginger marinade is great!

      Turmeric + black pepper

      Piperine in black pepper works well paired not only with green tea. It is also nice to get along with turmeric as it combines powerful anitoksidant curcumin, which is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial agent with piperine. Curcumin itself too quickly absorbed by the body and does not have time to share their magical abilities to the full, and piperine enhances its bioavailability in 1000 again.

      Brussels sprouts + olive oil

      In this mini-cabbage contains large amounts of vitamin K, which regulates blood clotting in the body, and is also useful for bones. Vitamin K is a fat soluble, which means it is better absorbed in a pair with a meal that contains fat. And here comes to the aid of olive oil, which helps to assimilate vitamin K. The easiest option - baked or braised brussels sprouts with olive oil.

      Collard greens + almonds

      Another leaf vegetable with a high content of vitamin K - collard greens. Also vitamin K comprises vitamin E is an antioxidant, which enhances our immunity and protection against heart disease and cancer. This vitamin like vitamin K is lipid-soluble and should be paired. This can become a perfect pair almonds, which is the source of monounsaturated fats. From this couple get a very tasty salad!

      Dark chocolate + apple

      Connect dark chocolate and apple has a powerful potential that will improve the condition of your cardiovascular system. In the skin of red apple contains flavonoids quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and dark chocolate, thanks it contains cocoa is rich in catechins, antioxidants that help prevent arteriosclerosis. A couple of them cope well with the destruction of blood clots.

      Slices of apples in black chocolate - delicious and healthy dessert!

      Garlic + salmon

      Garlic as an additive to salmon not only makes the fish more flavorful, but also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In 1997, the experiment was conducted, during which tested the effects of this culinary couple on the condition of men with high cholesterol levels in the blood. In groups who consumed 900 mg of garlic and 12 g of fish oil, as there was a reduction of total cholesterol (12.2%) and "bad" cholesterol (9%). So, if you do not like to swallow fish oil capsules and you plan to get the most out of this advantageous combination in the preparation of oily sea fish, add a little garlic.
      Useful properties of turmeric and its use for sports

      Useful properties of turmeric and its use for sports

      Herbs and spices are used for thousands of years, not only as a seasoning for food, but also as a medicine. Today such folk recipes rarely resorted, and more used as a seasoning or taken orally in the form of tablets, capsules or tinctures. Turmeric - one of those spices!


      Turmeric has been used as a drug, as a food additive, and also in industrial applications as a natural colorant for textile and food industries. Of the many species, only three are used in cooking: turmeric, turmeric Curcuma zedoaria and flavorful. Also, these types of turmeric may be referred to under the name "Indian saffron" (not to be confused with real saffron). In Europe she came through the Arab merchants in the Middle Ages and was called Indian saffron.
      Useful properties for runners

      In turmeric contains curcumin, which is a very powerful antioxidant. Its main role - reducing inflammation.

      If you actively run, you probably know what inflammation, and faced with this unpleasant physical phenomenon after challenging workouts almost every time. Usually, the inflammation is caused by the release of free radicals. Causes - diet, lifestyle, digestive problems and cardiovascular system, diabetes and chronic diseases. Intensive sports are also responsible for the production of free radicals. Free radicals adversely affect the biological membrane, and this slows down metabolism and reduces efficiency.

      To resolve this problem, there are special drugs that are potent antioxidants, but they can be taken only if you painted welcome your doctor or trainer. This is usually done when really heavy loads. If you run three times a week for 5-10 km, drinking these drugs do not have to, in this case, you can resort to the healing properties of turmeric. If you are already taking any medication, then before you decide on the acceptance of tablets with turmeric, it is necessary to consult a doctor: in high doses, this spice is not so innocent!

      Studies have shown that people with osteoarthritis of the knee, taking six weeks turmeric extract were able to minimize the pain sensation to such an extent that previously achieved reception of 800 mg of ibuprofen daily. This is due to all the same curcumin, which reduced the number of inflammatory compounds in the cells of the cartilage. These pills are sold over the counter, but if you are not sure that you have no contraindications, it is better to consult a doctor.

      Another option - the tablet extract of turmeric with black pepper. Curcumin itself rather poorly absorbed by the body, and comes to the aid piperine contained in black pepper, which makes it more active substance.

      Should not use turmeric for medicinal purposes to those who have stones in the gallbladder or bile duct clogged. Also, it is worth remembering that curcumin is a kind of amplifier and it should not be taken with certain medications, as it enhances their effect. For example, the effects of turmeric has already been installed on diabetes drugs that lower blood sugar. The combined use can lead to dizziness, fainting and even coma.
      Dishes, which you can add turmeric

      To be honest, if you want it, you can add almost anywhere. In the dough for buns, homemade noodles and lasagna. Just be sure to add a pilaf or rice with vegetables, soups with legumes (especially with red or yellow lentils) in fish and meat dishes!

      Next post will do special and very tasty recipe with the addition of turmeric. ;)
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